Penguins in Meetings

The Redwood City Public Library recently hosted a series of workshops on how to make comics. They also asked participants to submit a short comic for publication in an anthology commemorating the 150th anniversary of Redwood City’s founding.

Here’s my submission.

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Inked using Adobe Illustrator with a stylus and convertible touch-screeen laptop. I’m still trying to get the hang of it. I like being able to draw directly on the screen (I don’t do so well with generic non-screen tablets). However, a lot of the software out there is still optimized for desktop (e.g. there’s a strong reliance on keyboard shortcuts but using your convertible’s keyboard in tablet mode is awkward). Illustrator has a touch mode, but it currently leaves a lot to be desired (e.g. you can’t access layers in touch mode).

Also, vector illustration software makes convertibles (well, my convertible at least) pretty warm and uncomfortable to hold for long. So it might be worth looking into an iPad Pro + pencil going forward.